19 November 2021

Zoe LaVerne phone number

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The sensational zoelaverne about TikTok has more than 20 million fans on the app. She posts fake singing, dance and comedy videos on TikTok, and answers fans’ questions through vlog-like videos. Through her zoexlaverne account, she is also very popular on Instagram. Before FameShe started gaining attention on social media in 2016. TriviaShe won the coveted verification crown on TikTok in March 2017, when the app was still called music.ly. She has won more than 1.8 billion hearts on the app. Family life Her surname is Pemberton. LaVerne is her middle name. She has a brother named Eric and a stepbrother named Cameron. The names of her parents are Douglas and Debbie. She lives in Greenwood, Indiana. From 2017 to mid-2020, she was in an intermittent relationship with Cody Orlove. She also dates Zephan Clark. In November 2020, she began to build a relationship with social media star Dawson Day. The couple got engaged in May 2021. On September 30, 2021, they welcomed a daughter named Emersyn. The couple got married on October 5, 2021. She often shows her friend Jessica Belkin in her TikTok videos. She and Terin Sottile, another social star, took over each other’s TikTok accounts for a day.

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