16 September 2021

Vinnie Hacker Phone Number

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Vinnie Hacker Phone Number


On July 1, 2019, TikTok user Vinnie Hacker posted an apology on his TikTok account for a video he shared in April 2019. The video was of him saying the n-word and dancing to Ugly God’s song titled “I Beat My Meat.”

The media gathered that he made the incident public because another user asked him about it and refused to apologize until they mentioned that there were many people who would like to know what happened.

He has since deleted the said video and is taking this matter seriously by apologizing with his statement.

“I’m very sorry for the hurtful things I said in my video. In April, I shared a video of me dancing to the “Ugly God Beat My Meat Challenge,” where I took on Ugly God’s challenge and beat my meat while saying ‘n*gger’ repeatedly.”

In his apology, he explained that it was part of a TikTok trend which challenged users to say an offensive word or phrase and dance to a certain artist’s song at the same time. Vinnie Hacker has been known as a TikTok user since July 2018 and has around 260k followers right now.

The 24-year-old TikTok user is Filipino of heritage and was born in Chicago. He’s currently based in Los Angeles.

Vinnie Hacker TikTok Star racist apolgy video

He began his career as a model for Phluid Project alongside Tati Westbrook, an American fashion designer who went viral on YouTube with her makeup tutorial videos. Aside from that connection, he also worked earlier on with other YouTubers like Amanda Steele and Loren Gray before eventually joining the platform called TikTok to showcase his dancing skills.

Vinnie Hacker phone number

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