16 November 2021

Txunamy phone number

By admin

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AboutFashionista has more than 4.8 million followers on Instagram. The account shows pictures of her in different fashion appearances. She played the role of Brittany in the Brat web series Mani and Chicken Girls. She is also known for appearing on the family YouTube channel Familia Diamond. Before becoming famous, her mother created her Instagram page in December 2014. She has built a huge fan base on the app music.ly and has won over 3 million fans on the platform. TriviaShe has appeared in publications such as Vogue, Glamour and Hollywood Life. In 2017, she announced a collaboration with Nike. In 2017, she visited the Famous Birthdays office with Jules and Hayley LeBlanc. Family life She has a younger brother named Diezel, who also has a stylish Instagram account. She also has a younger sister named Solage and another brother named Ranger. Her mother’s name is Esthalla Ortiz and her father’s name is SDiezzel. In August 2018, she appeared in a photo on her Instagram account with social influencer Ava Foley.

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