11 September 2021

Tommyinnit Phone Number

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Tommyinnit Phone Number


Tommy Barnett, better known as TomSka on YouTube and other social media accounts, has been removed from one of his other channels.

On Twitter, he said that he was “forced to delete” the TommyOutit channel because the man who originally set it up deemed it too similar to his main TommyInnit account. This ruling means that TomSka cannot use this name for any future project or spinoff. As a result, all uploads and videos will be deleted and the page is locked to ensure no one can try and grab access to it.

TomSka did say that he would not let another person get away with doing this to him again; however, what action he might take is unclear at this time.

TomSka is known for his Minecraft gameplays, mods and other gaming content on the SkyWars PvP server. He’s also had a second channel called TommyOutit which has accumulated more than 3 million subscribers, as well as his Tom Simons channels with over 2 million subscribers.

In addition to YouTube, he is known for his popular tommyinnit Twitch channel, where he live streams Minecraft gameplay and also posts highlights from his play.

He hails from Nottingham, England. His real name is Thomas Simons.

This was taken directly from an article that I wrote about him on Gamer Headlines under my pen name Jake Hawkins.

Tommyinnit phone number

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On his instagram you’d like to find out more information on the Minecraft SkyWars PvP server that he plays on, click this link . It contains other important links that are worth checking out. Here is also a list of all other social media accounts that I know of where you can follow him on.