22 November 2021

tom hiddleston phone number

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About the actor who played Rocky and starred Woody Allen in the Avengers and Thor movies at Midnight in Paris. His role in the Avengers won him the Best Fighting Award and Best Villain Award at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. Before becoming famous, he was raised in Wimbledon and Oxford by his mother who was a stage supervisor and his father who led a pharmaceutical company. One of his first roles was in the British comedy TV series “Suburban Shootout”. Highlights His performance as Captain Nichols in the 2011 World War I drama “War Horse” won a lot of praise. Family life mother is an art administrator, and father is a physical chemist. He grew up with a sister and a younger sister. He has been building a relationship with singer Taylor Swift. He also has a romantic relationship with Zawe Ashton. Associated With He portrayed F. Scott Fitzgerald at midnight in Paris, with Owen Wilson as the protagonist.

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