28 September 2021

Tom Brady Phone Number

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Tom Brady had an unremarkable career before joining the Patriots. He was a 6th round pick. He played college football at Michigan, but started only one year. His arm strength wasn’t impressive for NFL standards, and he didn’t put up huge numbers in college – certainly not on par with Eli Manning’s final year at Ole Miss.

He did little to stand out from the crowd during his early years in New England either. Many people probably don’t know this, but prior to 2007, Tom Brady never threw more than 28 touchdown passes or completed more than 62% of his passes in any single season.

However, since 2007 – when Brady turned 30 – he has thrown for over 4,900 yards every single season including 2011.

Tom Brady in superbowls

Drew Brees has since passed Tom Brady in yardage, but only because he had an epic season in 2011 that came at the expense of his early career numbers. His completion % and TD passes fell significantly last year. If you want to compare career totals, Brady still holds the edge hands down with one fewer season played than Brees.

Brady led New England to five superbowls in nine years – winning three titles. He also nearly won two other superbowls (XLII, XLVI) where his team lost by close margins against Eli Manning and NY Giants both times. He was a unanimous MVP choice after leading this same Patriots team back.

Tom Brady phone number

Tom Brady loves fans! We know you love him back but remember to don’t send him a lot of messages . He doesn’t have a lot of time to answer every message. If you want to get in touch with him, use the contact form and we’ll forward it to his personal phone!

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning

I think I’m correct when I say that Tom Brady only has one Super Bowl ring less than Peyton Manning (Manning’s brother Eli won two superbowls). But where does the biggest difference lie? With regards to their records against each other. Tom can boast a 3-1 record against Manning while Eli is 1-3 against Brady. It seems clear who really comes out on top here even though both quarterbacks are considered elite.

Tom Brady life family

Tom Brady is married to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. They have two children together, Benjamin and Vivian.

Tom Brady tax evasion

A recent court case has shown that Tom Brady might have been involved in tax evasion after all . We’re not here to judge him on this matter though, just to provide you with the facts. You can decide for yourself whether he’s telling the truth or not. There are certainly plenty of reasons why this could be a possibility if you look at the alleged numbers .

The life of Tom Brady!

We’ll now take a closer look at some interesting facts about Tom’s life – both on and off the field.

Tom Brady – off the field

Thanks to his incredible career, Tom Brady has gathered quite an array of endorsements over the years. He’s associated with Nike, Under Armour, Movado, Glaceau Smartwater and many others. His investments include Artisan Building Development LLC (saved $20 million), TOCA Race Cars (worth $1 million just by itself) and XFL (which failed).

Tom Brady wife

Tom Brady married actress Bridget Moynahan in 2009 after they had a three year old son together – John Edward Thomas Moynahan . Their son will be turning 7 this August so I’m sure you can wish him happy birthday if you follow the contact form below!

Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning

Brady and Manning have been battling for much of their careers. Both players are constantly in the MVP discussion, but this rivalry seems to go much deeper than that. It’s clear neither player likes each other very much, which makes it even sweeter when they end up beating one another. There was a ridiculous rumor floating around that these two might be somehow related – however I think we can put this to rest now after Tom announced his son’s birth certificate on Monday .

It’s obvious who wins when these two fight head to head. You can’t really win championships without great defense though so you could argue Peyton has better overall numbers because of his teams’ defensive play (they had more success during his career).

Tom has also won more MVP awards, but Manning was able to take home the honor in 2013.

Tom Brady net worth 2017

To find out just how much Tom Brady is worth you can visit this website . His current salary per year is $8 million , though I suspect he makes quite a bit more from endorsements.

We have no doubt that Tom will continue his dominance on the field during future seasons – therefore it’s perhaps safe to assume he’ll remain #1 when it comes to QB stats for some time. It’s clear who the best of all time really is… But if you disagree, let us know why!

Tom Brady birthday

Tom Brady’s birthday is August 3 rd , 1977. He will be turning 40 this year, which makes him the oldest active player in the NFL in my opinion. Age isn’t slowing him down though – Tom has helped lead the red hot Patriots to a 9-2 record thus far and he absolutely deserves MVP consideration for this incredible season.