10 September 2021

Sophie Fergi Phone Number

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Sophie Fergi Phone Number


The social media star Sophie Fergi is known for her comedic videos that are often captioned with corny or witty remarks. She has also starred in several web series, including Brat’s Mani. As of January 2019, she is active on TikTok where she has almost 6 million followers.

Fergi was born in October 2002. Her real name is Sofia Fernandez.

Her recent project was a vacation to California in the summer of 2018 where she took photos with many YouTubers and friends, including Flula Borg and Alissa Violet . Following this trip, she announced her retirement from YouTube due to both exhaustion and breakup drama between herself and long-time boyfriend Jack Gilinsky. It was revealed that she had stopped posting on the platform because of the latter, but promised fans that she would be back in September.

Fergi has her own YouTube channel where she posts comedic videos with Jack Gilinsky and other friends, some of which were taken while they were still dating. She also has a secondary collaborative channel called “Jack And Sophie” with her ex-boyfriend. Before venturing into social media, Fergi used to write screenplays and novels when she was younger.

She originally gained popularity on Vine by creating short comedy skits. This led to her being cast on the Brat show Mani, which is about young girls trying to make it in LA by working at a Hollywood nightclub.

Sophie Fergi phone number and contact information

If you’re interested in contacting the social media star Sophie Fergi, you can do so through her personal contact number and email address. To get in touch with the actress, just follow the steps below:

You can call Sophia Fernandez by using a phone number that’s been made public on the web. She may have an unlisted phone number or it might be restricted from appearing on third party websites. There are many ways to reach out to celebrities so you always have options when trying to contact one – You can use traditional mail to send a letter or postcard to Sophia Fernandez.

Sophie Fergi – Brat TV’s Man

The clip below features Sophie Fergi in Brat TV’s web series Mani. This scene shows her and friends Nat, Darci, Ally, Madison, Yumi, Paris Berelc , and Tessa Brooks receiving free drinks from the bartender after flirting with him. The show follows six teenage girls trying to get by in Hollywood through work at a nightclub called Botana.

Fergi is just one of the many cast members featured on this series that aired for two seasons.

Sophie Fergi and her crush Nat

The clip below features Sophie Fergi’s reaction to the TikTok user Nat. The video was taken during her trip to California where she hung out with YouTubers and friends, including Flula Borg and Alissa Violet .

Sophie Fergi – Piperazzi

Fergi also stars in Brat’s Piperazzi web series, which is about six paparazzi girls trying to make it big. The show ran for two seasons before ending in 2016 with 19 total episodes.

Prior to these projects, she had become known for posting funny videos on Vine that showcased her comedic talent. Many of these clips included appearances by Jack Gilinsky , one of the most popular Viners.

Fashion line Forevermore

In 2020, Sophie Fergi launched a clothing line called Live Forevermore. The online store features a variety of colorful outfits that are inspired by the styles of the early 2000s and 2010s.

Sophie Fergi’s social media accounts

Some fans might be interested in following her on other platforms besides TikTok or YouTube, although she hasn’t posted much on Instagram as of late 2018. These accounts give fans more options for staying up-to-date with what she’s doing:

She was born on October 19th 2002 and is currently 16 years old. Previous to her career on social media, she had written screenplays and novels. Her real name is Sofia Fernandez and she lives in California (US).

Sophie Fergi activity on YouTube

She first joined YouTube in May 2013 and has amassed 1,589,865 subscribers to her self-titled channel. Most of her uploads are comedic videos that feature herself or friends Jack Gilinsky , Madison Beer , Grace Weatherell, Kian Lawley , Alissa Violet, Flula Borg , Nat watch the video below

Sophie Fergi fan club on TikTok (fan accounts)

Sophie Fergi started out on TikTok as a user with no followers. Now she has over 14 million fans around the world. Many of them share their username for others to follow her.