29 November 2021

Shruti Arjun Anand phone number

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Regarding the makeup, fashion, beauty, DIY and sketch comedy YouTube phenomenon, its 7 million subscribers will watch skin and hair care, cosmetic tutorials and reviews, and fitness and lifestyle content. She also runs the very popular YouTube fashion and beauty channel Anaysa, which also has millions of subscribers. Before becoming Fame, she was a computer science graduate and started her IT career at Steria India Limited. After watching the “how to” video during her 90-minute commute to work, she had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening a YouTube channel. Trivia Her videos “How to get rid of pimples overnight | Treat acne” and “5 quick and easy hairstyles | No heat hairstyles” are her first videos watched over 10 million times. Family life She grew up in the town of Jansi in Uttar Pradesh, India. She married in 2009 and moved to the United States with her husband the following year. After moving back to India with her family, she chose to make YouTube her full-time career in 2013. Associated WithShe and Kanan Gill are two of the ten YouTube anchors listed in the May 2016 “Economic Times” online article “Meet the Top 10 YouTube Superstars in India”.

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