28 December 2021

russell wilson phone number

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Regarding the quarterback, he helped lead the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl XLVIII victory in the second year of the NFL. The following year, he led the Seahawks back to the Super Bowl, but they were defeated by the New England Patriots. Before becoming famous, he led the University of Wisconsin to the Rose Bowl in 2012, but his Badger team was defeated by Lamichael James and the University of Oregon by the Ducks. Trivia He entered training camp during his rookie season in Seattle as a substitute for the newly acquired quarterback Matt Flynn, but after an outstanding performance in the preseason, head coach Pete Carroll announced that he would be a starter. Family life Wilson married in 2014 after he divorced and married his first wife Ashton for more than two years. Then, he married R&B star Ciara in July 2016. He became the father of Ciara’s son Future Zahir, who gave birth to a son with the rapper Future. Wilson and Ciara welcomed their own daughter Sienna in 2017, followed by a son named Wen in 2020. His sister Anna was recruited to Stanford University to play basketball, and his brother Harrison played college football and baseball in Richmond. While in Wisconsin, he played with star running back Montee Ball. The former teammates then met again in Super Bowl XLVIII. Wilson’s Seahawks defeated Ball and the Denver Broncos by a score of 43-8.

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