14 December 2021

raghava lawrence phone number

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Regarding between 2000 and 2006, Lawrence was inspired by his choreography work in the Telugu film “Annaya”, Indra and Style, and the Tamil film “Palatar Paravasam”. Won four film awards and three Nandi Awards. He is also an actor and director and has participated in Chala Bagundi, Rebel and many other projects. After pursuing his career as a dancer before becoming famous, he choreographed his first Telugu film: Aunty and Hitler. Trivia recovered from a brain tumor after his mother’s visit. One of the temples built to commemorate the Hindu saint Raghavendra Swami, Lawrence became a devotee to a religious sect inspired by Swami. Family life Raghavan Murugaiyan was born and he grew up in Chennai, India. Related to himHe appeared in the 2001 film Paarthale Paravasam by director K.Balachander.

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