9 December 2021

raghav juyal phone number

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About the Indian dancers and choreographers who gained fame in the third season of “Dance India Dance”. Although he was eliminated early, his audition video went viral on YouTube, and he returned to the show as a wildcard. He won the third place. He is known for walking in slow motion, which is his signature move. Despite lack of professional training before becoming famous, he participated in the audition for DID Season 3 in 2011, which eventually led to his popularity. Trivia He starred in the 2014 Bollywood movie Sonali Cable. His stage name crocroaxz is a combination of the words crocodile (strong) and cockroach (creepy). Family life He was born in Deepak Juyar and Alka Bakshi Juyar in Dehradun. With Rajas Mita Carr and Pradeep Gurung ahead of him in DID Season 3.

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