19 December 2021

Liza Koshy phone number

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Lizzza is better known about her online role. She has more than 17 million subscribers and more than 19 million Instagram followers on YouTube. In 2016, she started playing Violet Adams in Hulu’s Freakish, and in 2018 co-authored and starred in the web series Liza on Demand. Before Fame, she first gained followers on Vine, where she accumulated more than 5 million fans to post comedy videos. She started college in the fall of 2014 and decided to study business marketing. Trivia She was named Breakout Creator in the 2016 Streamy Awards. In 2017, she won the Internet Star’s Choice Award: Women in the Youth Choice Awards. In 2018, she was appointed as the host of the relaunched Double Dare of Nick International Children’s Channel. Family Life Her real name is Elizabeth Shaila Koshy. She is half-Indian and half-white. She and her two older sisters, Olivia and Rachel, were born and raised in Houston, Texas. From 2015 to 2018, she established a relationship with David Dobrik. Associated With She uploaded a Vine titled “How Girls Check Men and How Men Check Girls”, which includes Tasia Alexis, Lance210, Alex Holtti, Crawford Collins, Jake Paul and Boris Lawson.

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