21 December 2021

Lele Pons phone number

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Regarding becoming the first Viner to accumulate 1 billion cycles and eventually accumulate more than 8 billion Internet phenomena. She extended her fame to YouTube, where her eponymous channel has more than 17 million subscribers. In 2018, she released her first song “Dicen” with Matt Hunter as the protagonist and started starring in the Amigos web series, which was broadcast on her YouTube channel. Before becoming famous, her best friend convinced her to start her Vine. Colleagues of Viner Jerome Jarre later persuaded her to continue making the video. Highlights In 2016, she had the opportunity to meet with first lady Michelle Obama. In the same year, she was included in Time Magazine’s list of the 30 most influential people on the Internet. In 2020, she launched a podcast called “Best Kept Secrets” with Lele Pons. Family life Eleonora Pons Maronese was born in Venezuela and moved to the United States at the age of five. She is the only child. Her mother Anna graduated from medical school. Her father Louis is an architect. In 2020, she began dating the rapper Guaynaa. She has previously dated YouTube anchor Juanpa Zurita (Juanpa Zurita). Associated With She is a good friend of Hannah Stocking, a social influencer she often works with. She and Hannah participated in the “Guess their age” challenge in 2019, and the video has been viewed millions of times.

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