28 September 2021

Jelly Phone Number

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Jelly is a famous YouTuber who has earned over 21 million subscribers thanks to his comedy gaming videos and vlogs. Jelly originally gained fame for helping promote other content creators on the platform, but built up a huge following of his own that continues to grow to this day. As well as uploading regularly, he also runs several businesses and appears at events around Europe.

Jelle Bay (known by the stage name ‘Jelly’) is an up-and-coming YouTuber with a channel called Jelly where he uploads comedy gaming videos and vlogs. His channel has grown quickly to over 20 million subscribers due to his entertaining style of filming and editing.

Fun facts about Jelly:

Jelle’s real name is Jelle Van Vucht. He was born in Roermond, The Netherlands on the 16th December 1991. His parents are Eric and Ans Bay, who own a small shop in Roermond called ‘EM BAY’.

As well as studying at an audio-visual course in Eindhoven before dropping out to concentrate on his business ventures (he wanted to focus more on comedy than studying), he also has a Youtube channel where he uploads vlogs about his life and adventures called GTA5Videos. On this channel he features other people that have potential but haven’t fully made it yet – helping them gain subscribers through promotion.

One of his most popular videos is his ‘Rich Kids’ compilation, which has over 75 million views as of July 2019.

He also runs a clothing line and is the CEO of his own entertainment company called ‘Jelly Vision’. He currently lives in Roermond, Netherlands with his girlfriend Luna Malbroux (who is a popular YouTuber and singer). The couple have been together since August 2016 and often post videos together about their relationship. Their channel has over 1 million subscribers as of July 2019.

One of Jelly’s hobbies is fishing; he uploads footage from these trips to his YouTube channel – particularly where he goes for ice-fishing during the winter months. Another hobby that Jelle enjoys is playing Golf.

He loves visiting new golf courses and uploading his experiences to Youtube.

One of the most famous (and controversial) videos on Jelly’s channel was when he published a video in which he attempted to catch and pull in a pike with his bare hands while fishing in Sweden one day.

Jelly has been dating fellow YouTuber Luna Malbroux since August 2016; they frequently upload videos together about their relationship. The couple live in Roermond, Netherlands and have over 1 million subscribers on their joint YouTube channel as of July 2019.

He is also good friends with popular YouTuber Slogoman who regularly appears in Jelle’s vlogs and compilations; they often hang out at events such as Play Expo near Manchester.

Jelly phone number

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Jelly Instagram

You know that jelly doesn’t have instagram! And if he has – probably this account isn’t public or he don’t post much there. You won’t find a lot of photos on it because Jelle using this account very rarely and when does he likes to share some selfies from Jelly Youtube videos shooting.