1 December 2021

james harden phone number

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About the high-scoring guard who was named the NBA MVP after leading the Houston Rockets to the best record in the NBA in the 2017-18 season. He started his NBA career with the Oklahoma City Thunder and won the league’s sixth man of the year award with the team in 2012. He participated in the NBA All-Star Game with the Rockets for the first time in 2013. He was traded to the Brooklyn Nets in January 2021. Before becoming famous, his Pump-N-Run Elite team defeated DC Assault and won the 2006 AAU Championship. The team included Michael Beasley, Nolan Smith and Austin Freeman. Trivia His signature beard inspired its own Facebook page and Twitter account. Family life He was born in James Edward and Monja Harden. In 2015, he started dating Kohler Kardashian; they broke up in February 2016. He is teammates with the Thunder’s superstar forward Kevin Durant.

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