23 November 2021

James Charles phone number

By admin

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About the makeup artist who became CoverGirl’s first male spokesperson. He became famous for his Instagram account jamescharles, which has won more than 24 million followers. In 2018, he joined Dolan Twins and Emma Chamberlain as a member of the sister team. Before he became famous, he often did hairstyles, and then he became interested in makeup. Once he starts to focus on makeup, he will practice on friends. TriviaHe posted makeup and beauty tutorials to his YouTube channel of the same name, which has gained more than 24 million subscribers. He did Halloween makeup for Kylie Jenner in a video in October 2018, which became one of his most viewed posts. In April 2020, he launched his own beauty contest show “Instant Influencer”. Family life His father helped him transform their basement into a powder room. His younger brother is social star Ian Jeffrey. His mother is Christie Dickinson. Associated with CoverGirl, he has the opportunity to work with brand ambassador Katy Perry.

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