8 September 2021

Jake Paul Phone Number

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Jake Paul Phone Number


Jake Paul is an American YouTuber born on January 17, 1997. He first found a web following on the Vine app, where he reached 1 million followers in just 5 months. He earned a Shorty Award nomination in the categories of Film & Video and Celebs & Entertainment (Social).

YouTube Career

Paul’s career as a YouTube creator began when he launched his self-titled channel Jake Paul, back when he was taking up drama classes during high school. A few years later, after leaving Team 10 and focusing his energy and efforts to creating more authentically comical content like comedy sketches and Vlogs, Paul went from 50 thousand subscribers to 20 million over three – making him one of the first videos. In addition to YouTube, Paul also has acted in TV series and movies. In 2015, he was cast as Dirk on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark and Lance in the YouTube Red Original Movie Dance Camp . Meanwhile, his role as “Dugan” in the movie Mono , got him a nomination for a Shorty Award under the category of Film & Video.

Musical Career: Known for his musical abilities as well as comedy sketches, Jake made popular songs such as “It’s Everyday Bro” which became number one on charts in 65 countries and the first-ever single to debut at number 1 on Billboard Twitter Top Tracks Chart.. As an artist, he has collaborated with artists like Marques Houston.

Jake Paul family life

Paul is the brother of fellow social media star Logan Paul. In 2017, he briefly dated Erika Costell and his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet accused him of cheating on her with Anastasia Karanikolaou, a former member of Team 10. In 2019 he married Tana Mongeau, however they broke up in 2020 as well as taking a break. He then went to date Julia Rose.

Personal Life

Jake was born in Cleveland Ohio and raised alongside his younger brother Logan Paul by parents Greg Paul and Pam Stepnick. His surname used to be “Villiot”, but was changed at some point during his youth; he still uses Villiot outside his channel.

Jake Paul – promised fame, fortune, and fans. Instead, he is famous for his outrageous behavior, which sometimes involves making people cry or screaming that someone is “dead”.

He has since moved back to the US after residing in London (UK). He now lives in California with his friends Viner/YouTuber Nick Crompton.

Jake Paul Team 10

He bought a 9,000-square foot mansion in Calabasas, California. The house is estimated to be worth over $6 million dollars.

He and his good friend and fellow social media star Nick Crompton created a social media management company called Team 10. Alongside other members such as Jay Alvarrez, the team represents YouTube creators who want to monetize their channels through revenue-sharing. The formation of Team 10 also came alongside a move from Ohio to Los Angeles so its members could seek out for opportunities for success on YouTube.

Jake Paul is known for posting daily vlogs on his self-titled channel Jake Paul . His vlogs are usually around 5 minutes long but sometimes can be up to 20 minutes long. He has multiple side videos beside his daily vlogs covering songs, comedy sketches, challenge videos, reactions, tagging along videos with fellow YouTube. Jake Paul challenges are known for being wild and ridiculous. He has done videos where he tries to set the record for staying in ice cold water the longest, trying to break a world record by lighting himself on fire , trying to beat his own personal best of holding his breath under water, eatiing spicy food, trying different mixed drinks at bars around LA, hitting golf balls off skyscrapers in downtown LA live with over 100 people watching, pushing someone in an inflatable pool filled with raw eggs and milk outside his house while people watch him from across the street (he did get arrested for trespassing), having hot chicken fights

Jake Paul Phone number

He loves his fans! You can find Jake Paul phone number on our website – but remember!! You can’t send him spammy messages every day – just wait for his response! If you are lucky you will be able to talk him via phone call or maybe video!

Jake Paul net worth

Jake Paul net worth is, according to Celebrity Net Worth in 2019, around $14 million.

In his videos Jake Paul always shouts out his team 10 members and the fans who have stuck with him through thick and thin!

He also has a second channel called The Jake Paul Channel which he started so he could upload daily vlogs that go into more depth about what he does on a daily basis. He posts random behind the scenes type videos for his fans to check out as well as challenges, pranks, songs covers, comedy sketches and collaboration videos with other social media stars such as Logan Paul , Alissa Violet , Erika Costell , Nick Crompton etc.

Jake Paul Merchandise Shop

Jake run his own merchandise store as well as his brother Logan Paul Merchandise Shop – you can buy Jake Paul merch, hoodies, t-shirts and more!

Jake has a dog named Kong

Jake Paul got into an argument with Erika Costell resulting in Jake throwing a drink on her at a bar. He was subsequently arrested for misdemeanor battery , but the charge was dropped against him. In 2018 he had another altercation with singer Demi Lovato’s bodyguard. You have to see this video ! In 2019 he got kicked out of Disneyland Paris after smoking what appeared to be marijuana throughout the park and security guards involved becoming aggressive with guests by shocking them with tasers . One woman reported being traumatized after being shocked the incident involving Jake Paul.

Few fun facts about Jake Paul

* He is afraid of birds and snakes

* His most attractive body part is his smile

* He has a scar under his right eye from when he was playing with a metal pipe when he was young that went through his window, hit him in the face and then landed on the rocks below.

* He sponsors a charity called Pencils Of Promise which builds schools in third-world countries to help provide education for kids who would otherwise go without.