19 December 2021

jaeden martell phone number

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AboutActor is known for his protagonists in the 2017 films “It” and “The Book of Henry”. He has also played roles in famous films, including St. Vincent, Midnight Special, Confirmation, Aloha and Knives Out. He also starred in the third season of the sex master. Before becoming famous, he and his family moved to Los Angeles in 2011, and he didn’t know that acting would be his future. He starred in commercials to break into the showbiz. Trivia His role in St. Vincent won him the Las Vegas Film Critics Association Sierra Award for Best Young Film and Phoenix Film Critics Association for Best Supporting Actor Young Performance Award. In 2018, he changed his last name from Lieberher to Martell. Family life His parents are Angie Martell and Wesley Buch. He also has brothers and sisters named Sydney, Qiao Wei and Hayes. He dated the dancer Lilia Buckingham. Work with him in St. Vincent and Aloha and Bill Murray.

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