24 November 2021

jackie chan phone number

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Regarding actors, choreographers and stunt actors, his famous films include Rush Hour Trilogy, Dragon Fighting, Shanghai Noon and Karate Kid. He has gained popularity through mixed comedy and stunts, most of which he performed himself, and has also served as a director and producer, martial artist, and Mandopop singer. Before becoming famous, he studied music, dance and martial arts at the Chinese Theatre Academy. He made his debut at the Big and Little Wong Tin Bar in 1962. Trivia He got stars on both the Hong Kong Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As an Asian pop singer, he has released albums in Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese and Japanese. In 1984, he won the Best Foreign Singer Award in Japan. Family life He married Lin Fengjiao in 1982. His children are Jaycee Chan and Wu Ailing. He co-starred in three “Rush Hour” movies with Kristak.

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