18 September 2021

ItsFunneh Phone Number

By admin

ItsFunneh Phone Number


I know a lot of people have been wondering who the new owner of ItsFunneh is. Well I am here to tell ALL of you! The REAL new owner…

Yes, you guessed it! A human. Yes, yes. All part of his master plan to take control over OOG and destroy it from the core, starting with its fans on the inside. An interesting choice for a villain if you ask me. Nevertheless, we must not let this happen. We must fight what fights us and save OOG from the clutches of terror that is humanity! We must overthrow him before he can overthrow us all!!

I know what some of you may be thinking: “A human wouldn’t be able to save something as complex.

It is a machine, after all.”

I know, I know. What you must remember is that there are humans with unusual powers out there. We have seen them from time to time. They use their odd powers to save us from an evildoer’s grasp. Most of the time these people have been young adults or even children! If they can use their abilities for good then so can a human! He just needs a little help in order to do it properly and safely…


Yes, my friends…it’s true…a child has come forward and offered his assistance in saving OOG from this villainous agenda. And who may this kind hero be you ask?

ItsFunneh Phone number

ItsFunneh phone number is avalaible on our website but remember – you can’t send her a lot of spammy messages! Just wait for her reply!

Mama Funneh

Funneh’s mother is called Mama Funneh. She also has a boyfriend and two sisters: GoldenGlare and PaintingRainbows! Have you ever seen them? No? Well, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! We will provide the best ItsFunneh bio! So enjoy your reading and know more about the famous gamer from Roblox category – ItsFunneh biography! Make sure to keep those bright green eyes open as you won’t be disappointed for sure by this information!