27 November 2021

giannis antetokounmpo phone number

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Regarding the NBA star known as the Greek freak, he won the NBA MVP award twice as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks in 2019 and 2020. He led the Bucks to win the NBA championship in 2021 and was named the 2021 NBA Finals MVP. Before becoming famous, he played professional football for Filathlitikos B.C. in Greece. He was selected by the Bucks with the 15th overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. Highlights He was selected for the first NBA All-Star Game in 2017 and won the NBA Most Improved Player Award in 2017. He was named the NBA’s best defensive player of the year 2019-2020. Family life His parents were named Veronica and Charles. He has four brothers, Costas, Alexis, Francis and Tanasis. He has been dating volleyball player Maria Riddlesprague. In February 2020, they welcomed their son Liam Charles. He and his long-time teammate Chris Middleton are the Bucks’ top scorer in the 2020-21 NBA championship battle.

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