28 September 2021

Faze Rug Phone Number

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Faze Rug is a prankster and video game vlogger on YouTube. His real name is KSI (he pronounces it like “sky”).

KSI started uploading prank videos to YouTube in 2010, but did not start gaining any significant success until 2012. The Faze Clan was started in 2011, and during the time of his rise to fame he was one of its three leaders along with Fawaz and Kesington. He has over 18 million subscribers, which makes him the sixth most subscribed person on YouTube. His channel focuses mainly on Call of Duty gameplay videos and vlogs, but he also posts pranks every once in a while. He is known for performing dangerous stunts that could get him seriously injured or even killed, such as setting off fireworks indoors. He

He has recently received media attention due to his feud with fellow YouTuber Ice Poseidon, who accused him of stealing money for a hotel room that was never booked. However, lots of people believe this isn’t true and the feud was manufactured by KSI’s PR team as an attempt to cause drama between them both.

Ksi has faced controversy multiple times throughout his career. One time he was trending on Twitter after his CoD livestream caused two plane crashes (he denies these claims). He also performed ‘bodyguard duties’ at one of rapper Drake’s shows for $5k which made headlines all over social media.

He once uploaded a video featuring him smoking marijuana. It was mistake in our opinion , as he is a role model for many young people and it set a bad example.

Recently, Ksi has been involved in another controversy after he hosted an event that caused chaos at the E3 conference and many fans were left disappointed and unhappy with the performance.

He recently launched his merchandise line ‘Kontrol Freek’ which consists of gaming accessories such as thumbstick covers and black ops 3 emblems. He does livestreams on Twitch from time to time but they aren’t very popular because everyone tunes in to watch him play CoD black ops 3 gameplay not to hear him talk about things like girls, money etc.

Faze Rug phone number

Faze Rug is awesome – we agree with that. Because of this we share his phone number on our website with you guys.

Faze Rug girlfriend

Faze Rug has African American ethnicity and is considered one of the best gamers on the video game market today . Faze Rug’s real name is Brian Awadis and he was born in 1997 on December 11th .

On February 12th 2017 it was announced that Ksi started dating YouTuber Molly Eskam who had more than 1 million subscribers on her youtube channel. Just like him she does pranks.