22 December 2021

erika costell phone number

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AboutModel represented by DAN Talent Group Inc., Wilhelmina International and Ideal Fit Models. She is best known for her swimming, fitness and underwear shooting. She became a member of the social group Team 10. Before becoming famous, she often read magazines since she was a child, pretending to be the model in the photo. After her former manager Larry Murdock took her to take pictures, she started working as a model at the age of 16. Trivia She has been a cheerleader for 11 years. She studied business administration at Middle Tennessee State University. Family life She has a half-brother named JC and a half-sister named Morgan and Danny. In 2017, she established a deep friendship with YouTube anchor Jack Paul, and she officially started dating in April 2018. They later broke up in November 2018. She became friends with fellow model Alissa Violet, who also dated Jack Paul.

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