21 November 2021

corinne joy phone number

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Dancer and model about 3 times national champion. She runs a YouTube channel of the same name, uploading behind-the-scenes videos of her auditions and footage of her different competitions. Before she became famous, she started dancing at the age of six because she became tired of gymnastics. Trivia She is an ambassador for the dance product company Sugarhaul and a member of their dance team SugarTribe. She has been named the dancer of the year twice. She became a member of the women’s group Run The World. She was selected as a member of Chicken Girl in the seventh season. She became a member of Vibe Crew. Family life Her mother is Steevy Areeco and she has an older brother, Reeve Davis. She also has an older sister named Alia. She and Aidan Prince started dating in 2021. Associated WithIn May 2020, she shared a photo that also includes Gavin Magnus, Jakob Magnus, Aidan Prince, Stefan Benz and Sarah Dorothy Little to celebrate her accumulation of more than 300,000 followers on Instagram.

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