22 December 2021

chris pratt phone number

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Regarding playing the protagonist Xing Jue in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie, and playing Owen Grady in the 2015 movie “Jurassic World”. He got a breakthrough TV role as Bright Abbott in the WB TV series “Everwood”, and then went on to gain further recognition for playing Andy Dwyer in the NBC comedy series “Parks and Leisure”. In the 2014 animated comedy Lego movie, he dubbed the protagonist Emmet Brickowski. Family life He was born in Kathleen and Daniel Pratt. He married Anna Faris in 2009 and gave birth to a son Jack in August 2012. He and Anna announced their separation in August 2017. He started dating Katherine Schwarzenegger in 2018 and married in June 2019. He and Catherine welcomed a daughter named Lyla in August 2020. Associated With He played a supporting role in the 2012 comedy film “Five Years of Engagement,” which starred Jason Segal and Emily Blunt.

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