19 December 2021

bill skarsgård phone number

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About being famous for playing Roman Godfrey in the Netflix original horror drama “Hemlock Grove.” He continued to star in the 2010 comedy film “Simple Simon” and played Matthew in the 2016 “Divergent Series: Loyalty”. In 2018, he played Pennywise in the 2017 horror film “It”. Ten years old before fame, he starred in a Swedish thriller called “White Water Fury” with Emile Foselius and Josephine Bonnebush. Trivia He co-starred in a Swedish science fiction comedy film called Kenny Begins with John Reyburg. Family life His brothers Alexander, Gustav, Walter and Sam also became actors. He has two other brothers named Ossian and Kolbjorn, a younger sister named Eija and his father is the actor Stellan Skarsgard. His mother’s name is me. He and his girlfriend Alida Morberg welcomed a daughter together in 2018. Associated With He co-starred with Famke Janssen in Hemlock Grove.

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