22 December 2021

asuka phone number

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About Japanese wrestlers who have won many championships in promotional activities such as Drama Dream Team and Smash. She joined WWE’s NXT in 2015; she started wrestling for Raw in 2017. She has also served as a graphic designer and writer for XBox magazine. She was previously known by the ring name Kana. Before becoming famous, she participated in badminton and figure skating since she was a child, and in June 2004, she participated in the all-female AtoZ wrestling competition for the first time. Trivia She created the longest unbeaten record in WWE history, not losing a game in 510 days. In 2020, she becomes Raw Women’s Champion. Her birth name is Kanako Urai in Family Life. She is a mother. Associated With She and GAEA Wrestling co-founder Chigusa Nagayo are both famous female wrestlers in Japan.

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