27 December 2021

alok phone number

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Regarding electronic music DJ and record producer, he had the most successful year in 2016, with the single “Hear Me Now” hitting the charts in 10 different countries. In the same year, his song “Me and You” appeared in the Netflix original movie XOXO. Before becoming famous, he began to learn to play music at the age of 10 and began his career as a solo DJ at the age of 19. Highlights In 2014 and 2015, he was named “Best DJ in Brazil” by House Mag. He is the only Brazilian to be ranked among the top 25 DJs in the world by DJ Magazine in 2016. Family life His parents Ekanta and Swarup are also DJs. They are the creators of Universe Paralello, an electronic music festival in the state of Bahia. He and his fraternal twin brother Bhaskar Petrillo started their musical career together at the age of 12. He is married to Instagram star Romana Novais. Associated WithHe collaborated with Diego Miranda to produce a single called “Feels Good”.

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